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About Us

Owners, Keith and Brenda Harrison, committed their lives to the Lord in 1996 and felt led to open a Christian Bookstore in November of that year.

The Lighthouse was managed by previous co-owners, Paul and Martha Way, until they retired in 2003, growing from 1800 square feet to currently over 6,000!

Thanks to the support of our community, the store continues to grow. In 2009, the church resource area was expanded to better serve the needs of our local churches. Also, "Heaven's Garden" Cafe was added, offering nutritious smoothies and organic coffee and teas. In 2012, we expanded our store again to add our garden section. This is filled with gifts and accents for any garden.

In 2005, the Lighthouse Christain Bookstore was named the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA) Small Store of the Year at their 55th Annual Convention. CBA is the international trade association of Christian product suppliers and retailers. In 2009, CBA awarded the Lighthouse Christian Bookstore with the National Impact Award for Community Outreach.

We look forward to many more years of providing products that will help people grow in their spiritual walk with our Lord Jesus Christ and in sharing the Good News of the Gospel with others.

Keith and Brenda both agree that if there was any other business they could own and be guaranteed of its success, they would still choose a Christian store. It is a ministry that offers resources and gifts with God's word, which does not come back void.

Thank you for your support, and may God keep you in His Truth and His Love!